Miasma of Darkness

Session 3

The crew of the Destinies’ Mistress decide that it is better to make a short warp jump to a way staion point and warp jump again, that to make one long warp jump to their destination. So the Destinies’ Mistress jumps to the way station point called the Dust Nebula. Arriving there peacefully, they find why it is called the Dust Nebula. The area is heavily filled with dust, and as there is a multitude of colors, the augers can pick up much do to the dust. The Destinies’ Mistress does get a reading of a ship just drifting in the Nebula. Sebastion Warwick leads a fighter squadron to take a closer look at the vessel. The vessel is called the Voidmaiden. It is a transport ship, that travels the warp routes to carry supplies to and from Port Render. The Voidmaiden has suffered a massive amount of damage, as hull breaches are easy to see, as well as having alot of dead bodies floating around the ship. Sebastion Warwick informs Lady Mitos of the situation, and decides to board the Voidmaiden in serch of survivors, and for anything of use.

So Lady Mitos, Jak Guillione, Sebastion Warwick, John Blackthorne, and a squad of armsmen board the Voidmaiden. The vessel is heavily damaged inside as well, life sustainers are at a minimum working level. As the crew explore the vessel, they are attacked by a large group of hullghasts. The combat is heavy and furious. Some armsmen are killed and feasted upon by the hullghasts, but the crew and remaining armsmen are able to kill the hullghasts. It is decided to make way to te bridge, and see what else they can.

The crew finds the bridge locked. After unlocking the doors, the crew finds some survivors lead by Olivia Locke and Hob Veich. Olivia informs Lady Mitos that a mutiny occurred and that they are all that is left. Olivia informs them that the mutiny started with an explosion that occured in the captains quarters with the captain inside. From there, there was a quick depressurizing of the decks, and then the hullghasts emerged in mass and killed all they could find.

During the talking, Jak Guillione feels that there is something unusual about 4 of the survivors, but he just can’t put his finger on it. Lady Mitos instructs all that it is time to leave and make their way back to the cargo bay. On the way back, they are attacked by an even larger group of hullghasts, that are being lead by a freakish mutant. The battle starts out fine, but soon becomes desperate. 2 of the survivors that Jak had an unusual feeling about, end up having some sort of creature erupt from their bodies. The mutants seem to not attack them, as the creatures attack the crew. John Blackthorne takes a nasty shot from one of the creatures as it spewes some acidic black substance at him, and he gets burned bad. Jak Guillione seeing that the battle is becoming desperate, decides to open up his warp eye. Many mutants and crew members die at that moment. Including Olivia, and Hob. The crew of the Destinies’ Mistress are hurt but not down. The battle continues to be desperate, and Jak decides to once again open his warp eye. This time all the mutants die, Lady Mitos passes out, and 2 armsmen are left. The only creatures still alive are the ones that erupted from the 2 survivors bodies, but Jak quickly finishes them off with is Las-pistol. The crew of the Detsinies’ Mistress get to the cargo bay, and depart the Voidmaiden. Lady Mitos orders the destruction of the Voidmaiden, and it is carried out.

Jak Guillione, got a sample of the acidic black substance, and analysis it. He finds that there is some sort of warp parasite in it, and that the acid makes it easy for the parasite to enter into a host. He informs John Blackthorne of his discovery, and John turns himself into quarentine, by informing Lady Mitos of his situation. thus ends session 3



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