Miasma of Darkness

Session 4

After taking stock of the situation and tempers, it is determined that Jak Guillione will be confined to quarters and is to only plot the course of the Destinies’ Mistress in the warp. Lady Mitos then gives the order to warp jump to the Astoria System. During the jump, Xanatov requests a word with Lady Mitos. He informs her of the exceptionaly duty performed by one, Marcus Hawthorne, during the events that transpired on the Voidmaiden. Lady Mitos meets Marcus’ aquaitance, and promotes him to one of the officers of the Destinies’ Mistress. Jak Guillione using his skills, makes the warp jump and gets the Destinies’ Mistress there in one day, when it normally takes four days from the Dust Nebula. Upon entering the Astoria System, Lady Mitos orders an augers scan. The star of the Astoria System bathes the system in a strong and bright yellow light. There is also a high concentration of dust in the system making the auger scans difficult. There is one planet in the system, with a thin atmosphere, and high gravity. Further scans of the system show that the dust in the system has been disturbed recently, as the movement of celestial bodies in this system appears to be extremely slow, or non-existant. Further scans of the planet reveal that it is a barren wasteland, with many canyons and deep valleys. The scans also pick up on 2 groups of life forms, with evidence they are attacking each other, as well as a crystalline structure. Lady Mitos orders a squadron to fly by and scout the structure. The squadron return, and are very shaken by what they have seen, and informm Lady Mitos that the life forms are roughly fifteen kilometers from the structure. Lucius Hal, master of information, informs Lady Mitos that carrying as little as possible would be the best course of action on the planet due to its high gravity. Lady Mitos, Jace Springer, Sebastian Warwick, Jon Blackthorne, Marcus Hawthorne, and 6 armsmen load up in the guncutter and make planetfall. Sebastian flys the guncutter with ease even with the high gravity, and sets down placing the crystalline structure between them and the life forms. Lady Mitos and crew, then drive the ground vechicle as close to the structure as the terrain will allow. Lady Mitos and crew, proceed on foot towards the structure. As they near the structure they hear a loud YAAAGH!!!!!!!!! and are set upon by a dozen small greenskined creatures, quickly identified as Gretchin!! a battle ensues, and Lady Mitos and crew make short work of the Gretchin. Cautiously they approach the structure. The crystalline structure is rough square in shape with a domed roof. 3 armsmen are left to quard the ground vehicle, and Lady Mitos and her officers enter the structure. The crystalline structure seems to have some white hazy liquid in the crystal itself, and as Lady Mitos and the others watch they see black spots forming, the the light dims to darkness, and the black spots are now white and the only light. Lady Mitos and the others realize they are seeing stars and the are subjected to a vision of stars and plantes being born, and dying all in the blink of an eye, then all goes dark. As Lady Mitos and the others come to they realize they were unconscious, and that the treasure ship they are searchng for is in the garitational pull of the star and in a high concentrated area the augers could scan into. The 3 armsmen are all in a catatonic state as their minds couldn’t handle the vision. After some debate as to what to do with them, Jon Blackthorne proceeds to shoot each one in the head, to solve the problem. The group then departs and comes upon more gretchin attacking the ground vehicle, along with 3 big greenskined creatures, quickly identified as Orks. A battle ensues, and Lady Mitos and her team have no problem ending the threat of the greenskins. The proceed back to the guncutter, and embark back to the Destinies’ Mistress. Lady Mitos orders the Destinies’ Mistress towards were the treasure ship is concealed. She proceeds to see the treasure ship being surrounded by 3 xenos ships, identified as Ork Brute Ram Ships. Battle ensues as the Destinies’ Mistress engages the Ork ships. The battle is fierce and destructive. The Destinies’ Mistress takes heavy damage from the battle as she suffered the effects of 3 successful ramming attacks by the Orks. But all the Ork ships are destroyed, as one suffered a plasme core explosion, and the other two were hulked and then blasted to dust. Lady Mitos and her crew secure the treasure ship and proceed to travel baack to Port Render, in badly need of repairs. Jak gets the Destinies’ Mistress to Port Render in four days warp travel, instead of the normal seven. The damage to the Destinies’ Mistress along with the loss of crew during the battle with the Orks, weighs heavily on Lady Mitos’ mind, as this is the first battle that the Destinies’ Mistress took damage, and it was significant. So ends session four.



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