Miasma of Darkness

Session 4

After taking stock of the situation and tempers, it is determined that Jak Guillione will be confined to quarters and is to only plot the course of the Destinies’ Mistress in the warp. Lady Mitos then gives the order to warp jump to the Astoria System. During the jump, Xanatov requests a word with Lady Mitos. He informs her of the exceptionaly duty performed by one, Marcus Hawthorne, during the events that transpired on the Voidmaiden. Lady Mitos meets Marcus’ aquaitance, and promotes him to one of the officers of the Destinies’ Mistress. Jak Guillione using his skills, makes the warp jump and gets the Destinies’ Mistress there in one day, when it normally takes four days from the Dust Nebula. Upon entering the Astoria System, Lady Mitos orders an augers scan. The star of the Astoria System bathes the system in a strong and bright yellow light. There is also a high concentration of dust in the system making the auger scans difficult. There is one planet in the system, with a thin atmosphere, and high gravity. Further scans of the system show that the dust in the system has been disturbed recently, as the movement of celestial bodies in this system appears to be extremely slow, or non-existant. Further scans of the planet reveal that it is a barren wasteland, with many canyons and deep valleys. The scans also pick up on 2 groups of life forms, with evidence they are attacking each other, as well as a crystalline structure. Lady Mitos orders a squadron to fly by and scout the structure. The squadron return, and are very shaken by what they have seen, and informm Lady Mitos that the life forms are roughly fifteen kilometers from the structure. Lucius Hal, master of information, informs Lady Mitos that carrying as little as possible would be the best course of action on the planet due to its high gravity. Lady Mitos, Jace Springer, Sebastian Warwick, Jon Blackthorne, Marcus Hawthorne, and 6 armsmen load up in the guncutter and make planetfall. Sebastian flys the guncutter with ease even with the high gravity, and sets down placing the crystalline structure between them and the life forms. Lady Mitos and crew, then drive the ground vechicle as close to the structure as the terrain will allow. Lady Mitos and crew, proceed on foot towards the structure. As they near the structure they hear a loud YAAAGH!!!!!!!!! and are set upon by a dozen small greenskined creatures, quickly identified as Gretchin!! a battle ensues, and Lady Mitos and crew make short work of the Gretchin. Cautiously they approach the structure. The crystalline structure is rough square in shape with a domed roof. 3 armsmen are left to quard the ground vehicle, and Lady Mitos and her officers enter the structure. The crystalline structure seems to have some white hazy liquid in the crystal itself, and as Lady Mitos and the others watch they see black spots forming, the the light dims to darkness, and the black spots are now white and the only light. Lady Mitos and the others realize they are seeing stars and the are subjected to a vision of stars and plantes being born, and dying all in the blink of an eye, then all goes dark. As Lady Mitos and the others come to they realize they were unconscious, and that the treasure ship they are searchng for is in the garitational pull of the star and in a high concentrated area the augers could scan into. The 3 armsmen are all in a catatonic state as their minds couldn’t handle the vision. After some debate as to what to do with them, Jon Blackthorne proceeds to shoot each one in the head, to solve the problem. The group then departs and comes upon more gretchin attacking the ground vehicle, along with 3 big greenskined creatures, quickly identified as Orks. A battle ensues, and Lady Mitos and her team have no problem ending the threat of the greenskins. The proceed back to the guncutter, and embark back to the Destinies’ Mistress. Lady Mitos orders the Destinies’ Mistress towards were the treasure ship is concealed. She proceeds to see the treasure ship being surrounded by 3 xenos ships, identified as Ork Brute Ram Ships. Battle ensues as the Destinies’ Mistress engages the Ork ships. The battle is fierce and destructive. The Destinies’ Mistress takes heavy damage from the battle as she suffered the effects of 3 successful ramming attacks by the Orks. But all the Ork ships are destroyed, as one suffered a plasme core explosion, and the other two were hulked and then blasted to dust. Lady Mitos and her crew secure the treasure ship and proceed to travel baack to Port Render, in badly need of repairs. Jak gets the Destinies’ Mistress to Port Render in four days warp travel, instead of the normal seven. The damage to the Destinies’ Mistress along with the loss of crew during the battle with the Orks, weighs heavily on Lady Mitos’ mind, as this is the first battle that the Destinies’ Mistress took damage, and it was significant. So ends session four.

Session 3

The crew of the Destinies’ Mistress decide that it is better to make a short warp jump to a way staion point and warp jump again, that to make one long warp jump to their destination. So the Destinies’ Mistress jumps to the way station point called the Dust Nebula. Arriving there peacefully, they find why it is called the Dust Nebula. The area is heavily filled with dust, and as there is a multitude of colors, the augers can pick up much do to the dust. The Destinies’ Mistress does get a reading of a ship just drifting in the Nebula. Sebastion Warwick leads a fighter squadron to take a closer look at the vessel. The vessel is called the Voidmaiden. It is a transport ship, that travels the warp routes to carry supplies to and from Port Render. The Voidmaiden has suffered a massive amount of damage, as hull breaches are easy to see, as well as having alot of dead bodies floating around the ship. Sebastion Warwick informs Lady Mitos of the situation, and decides to board the Voidmaiden in serch of survivors, and for anything of use.

So Lady Mitos, Jak Guillione, Sebastion Warwick, John Blackthorne, and a squad of armsmen board the Voidmaiden. The vessel is heavily damaged inside as well, life sustainers are at a minimum working level. As the crew explore the vessel, they are attacked by a large group of hullghasts. The combat is heavy and furious. Some armsmen are killed and feasted upon by the hullghasts, but the crew and remaining armsmen are able to kill the hullghasts. It is decided to make way to te bridge, and see what else they can.

The crew finds the bridge locked. After unlocking the doors, the crew finds some survivors lead by Olivia Locke and Hob Veich. Olivia informs Lady Mitos that a mutiny occurred and that they are all that is left. Olivia informs them that the mutiny started with an explosion that occured in the captains quarters with the captain inside. From there, there was a quick depressurizing of the decks, and then the hullghasts emerged in mass and killed all they could find.

During the talking, Jak Guillione feels that there is something unusual about 4 of the survivors, but he just can’t put his finger on it. Lady Mitos instructs all that it is time to leave and make their way back to the cargo bay. On the way back, they are attacked by an even larger group of hullghasts, that are being lead by a freakish mutant. The battle starts out fine, but soon becomes desperate. 2 of the survivors that Jak had an unusual feeling about, end up having some sort of creature erupt from their bodies. The mutants seem to not attack them, as the creatures attack the crew. John Blackthorne takes a nasty shot from one of the creatures as it spewes some acidic black substance at him, and he gets burned bad. Jak Guillione seeing that the battle is becoming desperate, decides to open up his warp eye. Many mutants and crew members die at that moment. Including Olivia, and Hob. The crew of the Destinies’ Mistress are hurt but not down. The battle continues to be desperate, and Jak decides to once again open his warp eye. This time all the mutants die, Lady Mitos passes out, and 2 armsmen are left. The only creatures still alive are the ones that erupted from the 2 survivors bodies, but Jak quickly finishes them off with is Las-pistol. The crew of the Detsinies’ Mistress get to the cargo bay, and depart the Voidmaiden. Lady Mitos orders the destruction of the Voidmaiden, and it is carried out.

Jak Guillione, got a sample of the acidic black substance, and analysis it. He finds that there is some sort of warp parasite in it, and that the acid makes it easy for the parasite to enter into a host. He informs John Blackthorne of his discovery, and John turns himself into quarentine, by informing Lady Mitos of his situation. thus ends session 3

Session 2

As the system ships and the pirate space station have surrendered, Lady Mitos decides to round up all the officers in charge on the system ships, and transfers them to the brig on the Destinies’ Mistress. She also decides to board the space station. Lady Mitos commands some ratings to tell her the whereabouts of the commanding officers. She is told that they have locked themselves in the command bridge. It becomes apparent that the station has a fire raging out of control, thanks to a torpedo attack, so Lady Mitos tries to contain the fire with the help of the space station cogitators. Unfortunately, the fire is devastating and the plasma core is overloading and getting ready to explode. A hurried evacuation of the space station is commenced, Lady Mitos offers to shuttle the commanding officers off the station, but gets no response, so Lady Mitos and crew round up as many of the ratings as possible and promptly leaves the station. Once onboard, and the ratings are securely being held, Lady Mitos is informed that the blast of the space station will impact the Destinies’ Mistress and can be devastating. After hearing varying opinions on the best course of action, Lady Mitos decides to fire all weapons at the station to destroy it, before the plasma core can overload and devastatingly explode. With ease the station is destroyed, and the course is set to travel to Port Render.

During the warp travel, John Blackthorne, right hand man of Lady Mitos, questions the captains of the system ship survivors. He finds out that the Pirates were lead by a woman by the name of Lady Winter. That their main focus was smuggling, but recently changed to raiding the fuel supply lines of Port Render. The change started with the arrival of a man, very well dressed, and has the effect of disarming someone with just a casual conversation. Further questioning produced the name Sebastion Ralle.

The arrival and docking at Port Render proceeded without a problem. Lady Mitos promptly requested a meeting with Captain Keel and Precept-Marshall Valkyran. The meeting is set up a few hours later at the Blood Moon Tavern.

Lady Mitos and crew arrive and find Captain Keel, Precept-Marshall Valkyran, and Jessica Ralle awaiting them. Lady Mitos informs them that the pirates have been taken care of and informs them of all they have uncovered. As Lady Mitos finishes, Captain Keel gives a nod to Precept-Marshall Valkyran, and she voxes some arbites to clear the Tavern. Captain Keel informs Lady Mitos and crew that Sebastion Ralle is the brother of Jessica Ralle and that he is a suspect in the recent tragedy that claimed the lives of the prominent leaders of the chartists houses by the Brotherhood of Set. Lady Winter is head of a house in direct competition to house Ralle, since the former head of house Ralle discredited ouse Winter, and has been on the decline ever since. Jessica can’t believe that her brother would be caught up with pirates, but the evidence is undisputed. Precept-Marshall informs Lady Mitos that she would consider it a favor if she could bring Sebastion Ralle alive to her. Lady Mitos turns over all the ratings she has secured to Precept-Marshall Valkyran, and the meeting is ended.

Lady Mitos sends a request for Captain Keel to dine with her aboard the Destinies’ Mistress, and John Blackthorne sends a request to dine with Jessica Ralle. Both requests are accepted. Sebastion Warwick proceedes to hire some joy girls for Captain Keel for after the dinner.

John Blackthorne arrives sharply at Bloodstone, a middle class establishment. There he and Jessica discuss everything that has happened. Jessica is still in shock, and still can’t believe that her brother is involved. John finds out that Jessica was the one chosen to lead house Ralle after the tragedy, and that her brother was totally caught off-guard that he was not chosen to lead house Ralle. Jessica asks John that if he should come across Sebastion to talk some sense into him, so that they can lead house Ralle together, since they have always been stronger as a team. John says he will look into it, and the dinner goes on with normal conversation.

Captain Keel arrives promptly at the Destinies’ Mistress. He is lead to a private dining hall were Lady Mitos awaits. As dinner commences the talk turns to the exploits of Captain Keel and how he got stationed at Port Render. Lady Mitos also slips in the talk of restocking her torpedo stock. Captain Keel likes how Lady Mitos handled the pirates and agrees to make arrangements to resupply the Destinies’ Mistress with torpedos. Captain Keel informs Lady Mitos that he doesn’t take any pirates lightly, and that if she comes across Sebastion Ralle, and Lady Winter and is able to bring them to him, many more doors will open to such an intiative drawn person such as herself. With that the dinner ends and Captain Keel takes his leave. Sebastian Warwick personally brings the joy girls to Captain Keel with a lavish entrance.

Lady Mitos recieves a personal vox from Xanatov, requesting to meet with her at her earliest convenience. Xanatov informs Lady Mitos that the Most Monorable Orpheus has requested her presence at the Processional of the Gifted. Lady Mitos voxes her crew and off they proceed to the Processional of the Gifted.

Arriving at the Processional of the Gifted, Lady Mitos and crew enter into the sanctum. The sanctum is filled with incense, so much that there is a fog in the sanctum, with Orpheus waiting. Orpheus welcomes Lady Mitos, and cuts to the chase. Orpheus informs Lady Mitos that a Miasma of Darkness will descend upon the Ethereal Glade, and the Miasma will engulf all or that it will be dissolved, either way she is the keystone to the outcome. That it begins with her takeing this: a small stasis sealed gene-coded casket. Lady Mitos takes the casket, and Orpheus tells her that it will begin as soon as she leaves the Processional of the Gifted. With that Lady Mitos and crew take their leave.

Once outside Lady Mitos and crew see that there are some people waiting for them. A pale-skinned lithe woman, and a group of armsman block their way. “you have something that my employer wants, so you can hand it over or this can get difficult” says the woman. With that combat erupts. The lithe woman is very agile and dodges bolter fire from Lady Mitos, and she sends a psyber-raven at her, which wounds Lady Mitos, but a bolter round ends the threat of the psyber-raven. Jak Guillione opens his warp eye at the armsmen. As the warp energy cascades over the armsmen, they wither and die on the spot, as the lithe woman surveys the carnage,she promptly retreats to fight another day. Lady Mitos voxes Precept-Marshall Valkyran and informs her of what has happened. Precept-Marshall Valkyran informs Lady Mitos that their attackers are servants of the Argyl Rogue Trader Dynasty and members of the crew of one Cornelius Argyl. However, there is no way to prove that they were acting on his orders and without solid evidence she cannot act against Cornelius, as his Warrant of Trade protects him from such minor crimes. She offers a promise of swift intervention by her men in the case of further hostilities.

Promptly after her vox is finished with Precept-Marshall Valkyran is finished, she recieves a vox transmission from Cornelius Argyl!!! Lady Mitos demands to know why he had his ccronies attack her. Cornelius Argyl informs Lady Mitos that he has big plans on the horizon and that she should not get involved in matters that she cannot handle, and that everything would have turned out better if she just handed over the container to Lady Iris. Lady Mitos confidently tells Cornelius that he failed, but Cornelius says th he didn’t fail and got just what he needed. With thta Lady Mitos cuts off the transmission and sends Sebastion Warwick to do a flyby and scout Cornelius’ ship.

Jak Guillione informs Lady Mitos that during the fight, he sensed psychic activity from the psyber-raven, Lady Iris, and the casket. Lady Mitos has Jak try to open the casket, but he is unable to open the casket as it is gene-coded and he is not compatible. Lady Mitos is compatable and opens the casket. Inside is a smooth gray crystal, identified as a astropathic mnemolith! Knowwing that only a psyker can read the information contained in it, Jak asks Lady Mitos if he can proceed, and she allows him. Jak touches he gets this vision: a flickering star surrounded by a nebula and vast stretches of void, circled by one planet inside a concentration of dust with a vessel filled with treasure. Lady Mitos and crew search through many star charts aboard the Destinies’ Mistress, and in the archives of Port Render, and find that the vision is of the Astoria system.

Meanwhile, Sebastion Warwick has completed his flyby of Cornelius’ ship. He informs Lady Mitos that Argyl’s ship is a frigate class ship, and is called the Falcon’s Talon.

Lady Mitos decides to wait 1 day so that the torpedos are fully stocked, and ready in case Cornelius Argyl decides to interfere. The next day Lady Mitos finds that Cornelius Argyl has left Port Render 9 hours previous. After the Torpedos are loaded, Lady Mitos and crew prepare to leave Port Render for the Astoria system, and so ends session 2.

Session 1

The Destinies’ Mistress has just come to Port Render, the space station that guards the way in and out of the region of space called the Ethereal Glade. After successfully docking, Lady Mitos receives a vox transmission, that requests her presence in a meeting of a most sensitive manner. The vox transmission has the authority of the Adeptus Arbites and the Imperial Navy. Intrigued, Lady Mitos, Xanatov, Sebastian Warwick, and Jak Guilleone head to the Blood Moon Tavern for the meeting. Once there, Lady Mitos and crew are directed to a private room in the back of the establishment. Three figures are already waiting for them as they enter the room. There they meet, Precept-Marshal Kyra Valkyran, Captain Targos Keel, and Lady Jessica Ralle. After introductions are aside and their orders for food and drinks are taken, the business talk ensues. Captain Keel informs Lady Mitos that their is currently a group of pirates that are attacking the fuel supply ships that bring fuel to Port Render. The pirates are very systematic and effective in their attacks, and this risks Port Render’s ability to provide fuel to the ships that dock before venturing into the Ethereal Glade. Chartist House Ralle seems to be the major target as the majority of the attacks are against house Ralle ships. Captain Targos asks if Lady Mitos would be interested in helping in this endeavor. Lady Mitos asks in what sort of capacity would this benefit one such as her in her position. Lady Ralle informs Lady Mitos that the gratitude of a chartist house has lasting benefits as supply lines are very important to success in the Ethereal Glade. Captain Targos also informs Lady Mitos that certain doors can be opened if such an endeavor is successful. Lady Mitos thinks it over and agrees to help in ridding Port Render of these pirates. Precept-Marshal Valkyran asks that any and all information of the pirates activities and leaders should be brought to her once their endeavor is complete. With that the dinner meeting is brought to a close, and Lady Mitos and crew return to the Detinies’ Mistress to prepare to depart Port Render.

Jak Guilleone charts the course to the site that the Pious Traveler, a pilgrim ship, has sent a distress call. The Destinies’ Mistress enters the warp. During the warp travel, Lady Mitos is resting in her quarters when she hears just above a whisper the words “I have been waiting for you”. Lady Mitos immediately grabs her bolt pistol and scans the room. She ends up flipping her quarters, finding no one. She spends the rest of the voyage on the bridge.

The Destinies’ Mistress exits the warp, and scans the site. There is a great amount of debris confirming that this is an often used ambush spot. The Pious Traveler is picked up on the augers. The ship has taken heavy damage and is in need of repairs. Out of nowhere two pirate raiders emerge out of the debris and attack the Destinies’ Mistress. The Destinies’ Mistress fires a salvo of torpedos and deals massive damage to one of the raiders, then the bombers are launched at the other raider, and deal significant damage, and the salvo of macrobatteries ensures that the raiders are nothing but floating scrap. The Destinies’ Mistress was able to detect the distess call the raiders sent, and determined it was most likely sent to the pirate base. So once again Jak Guilleone charts the course and they head for the pirate base.

Jak Guilleone is able to bring the Destinies’ Mistress out of the warp out of auger range of the pirate base. Augers are used and it is shown that there are 5 system ships, the space station, and 1 frigate. Lady Mitos sounds the battle-stations, and maneouvres towards the pirate base. Once again the Destinies’ Mistress fires all weapons. The torpedo salvo hulks the frigate, the fighter and bombers assault the space station and cause a tremendous fire on the station. and last but not least te macrobatteries decimates 3 of the 5 system ships. Lady Mitos calls for the pirate ships to surrender, and the 2 remaining system ships surrender.


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