Miasma of Darkness

Session 1

The Destinies’ Mistress has just come to Port Render, the space station that guards the way in and out of the region of space called the Ethereal Glade. After successfully docking, Lady Mitos receives a vox transmission, that requests her presence in a meeting of a most sensitive manner. The vox transmission has the authority of the Adeptus Arbites and the Imperial Navy. Intrigued, Lady Mitos, Xanatov, Sebastian Warwick, and Jak Guilleone head to the Blood Moon Tavern for the meeting. Once there, Lady Mitos and crew are directed to a private room in the back of the establishment. Three figures are already waiting for them as they enter the room. There they meet, Precept-Marshal Kyra Valkyran, Captain Targos Keel, and Lady Jessica Ralle. After introductions are aside and their orders for food and drinks are taken, the business talk ensues. Captain Keel informs Lady Mitos that their is currently a group of pirates that are attacking the fuel supply ships that bring fuel to Port Render. The pirates are very systematic and effective in their attacks, and this risks Port Render’s ability to provide fuel to the ships that dock before venturing into the Ethereal Glade. Chartist House Ralle seems to be the major target as the majority of the attacks are against house Ralle ships. Captain Targos asks if Lady Mitos would be interested in helping in this endeavor. Lady Mitos asks in what sort of capacity would this benefit one such as her in her position. Lady Ralle informs Lady Mitos that the gratitude of a chartist house has lasting benefits as supply lines are very important to success in the Ethereal Glade. Captain Targos also informs Lady Mitos that certain doors can be opened if such an endeavor is successful. Lady Mitos thinks it over and agrees to help in ridding Port Render of these pirates. Precept-Marshal Valkyran asks that any and all information of the pirates activities and leaders should be brought to her once their endeavor is complete. With that the dinner meeting is brought to a close, and Lady Mitos and crew return to the Detinies’ Mistress to prepare to depart Port Render.

Jak Guilleone charts the course to the site that the Pious Traveler, a pilgrim ship, has sent a distress call. The Destinies’ Mistress enters the warp. During the warp travel, Lady Mitos is resting in her quarters when she hears just above a whisper the words “I have been waiting for you”. Lady Mitos immediately grabs her bolt pistol and scans the room. She ends up flipping her quarters, finding no one. She spends the rest of the voyage on the bridge.

The Destinies’ Mistress exits the warp, and scans the site. There is a great amount of debris confirming that this is an often used ambush spot. The Pious Traveler is picked up on the augers. The ship has taken heavy damage and is in need of repairs. Out of nowhere two pirate raiders emerge out of the debris and attack the Destinies’ Mistress. The Destinies’ Mistress fires a salvo of torpedos and deals massive damage to one of the raiders, then the bombers are launched at the other raider, and deal significant damage, and the salvo of macrobatteries ensures that the raiders are nothing but floating scrap. The Destinies’ Mistress was able to detect the distess call the raiders sent, and determined it was most likely sent to the pirate base. So once again Jak Guilleone charts the course and they head for the pirate base.

Jak Guilleone is able to bring the Destinies’ Mistress out of the warp out of auger range of the pirate base. Augers are used and it is shown that there are 5 system ships, the space station, and 1 frigate. Lady Mitos sounds the battle-stations, and maneouvres towards the pirate base. Once again the Destinies’ Mistress fires all weapons. The torpedo salvo hulks the frigate, the fighter and bombers assault the space station and cause a tremendous fire on the station. and last but not least te macrobatteries decimates 3 of the 5 system ships. Lady Mitos calls for the pirate ships to surrender, and the 2 remaining system ships surrender.



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